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Jin Bts responds to military exemption information

As it is known, Jin BTS has turned 28 years old which requires him to participate in military activities in South Korea.

Meanwhile, in November 2021 the National Assembly debated a draft law on military service for pop culture artists. Transform Jin BTS (Twitter / @BTS_twt)

In the Military Service Act, popular culture artists who contribute to strengthening national prestige, such as BTS, are replaced by military service in arts and sports personnel.

However, the bill has so far been put on hold for a temporary period, so Jin BTS’ fate is still unclear.

Regarding that, Jin BTS revealed that he will hand everything over to the agency.

“I spoke with the agency about military service issues. I leave the decision up to the agency,” he said.

In addition, Jin BTS also confirmed that the company’s decisions have been taken as well as the use of his own.

“The company’s decision is as good as using my own,” he continued, according to Koreaboo.

Jin BTS is known to have an agenda to continue their concert in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium and meet foreign fans in the near future.

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